Burglar Breaking In

When a thief is looking for a potential target, business premises are often the most attractive proposition. Why? Because of the value of goods held within many modern business sites. An average family home in Britain has a handful of valuable items that are easy to sell on quickly without suspicion. Televisions, laptops, tablets and other electrical items are what thieves tend to take from residential premises. However, business premises can often contain many more items of higher value that are equally as easy to sell on. So it’s no surprise that thieves, particularly career criminals, prey on businesses.

There are plenty of ways that you can protect your business premises from unwanted criminal attention, but too many do not take advantage of the modern and practical security services that are available today. Is this you? If so, here are 5 Ways in Which You May be Making Your Business Attractive to Burglars:

1. No Visible CCTV

Covert CCTV does have it’s benefits in some scenarios, but as a visual deterrent, having obvious CCTV cameras placed around your premises is one of the best ways of discouraging potential thieves. It’s one of the first things criminals look for and can often be the determining factor in whether your premises is targeted. Also, having monitored CCTV is always advisable, and modern systems usually have built in speakers so control room operatives can speak to those who enter sites without authorization.

2. Old/Worn Bell Box

Even if your alarm system is the most modern and sophisticated alarm system available, having a tatty old bell box on the outside of your building will indicate that you’re not that bothered about security. Remember, a potential burglar doesn’t know how good your alarm system is until he/she has forcibly entered the premises. Having a bright, modern and visible bell box shows that you care and have invested in your businesses security. Make sure that your alarm system is monitored and you have alarm response in place.

3. Having chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is fine for a school playground or for keeping farm animals where they need to be, but for premises security, it doesn’t really cut the mustard, especially if that premises has valuable goods in outdoor or visible areas. Thieves can easily cut through chain link fencing, making tall fencing made from iron or steel a far greater deterrent.

4. Lack of signage

All of your security service providers, including alarm installers, security guarding or CCTV monitoring will be more than happy to provide you with signs to place around your premises. Like having a visible and modern looking bell box, security signage will show potential burglars that you care about security and have invested in solutions. The best places to put these signs are on fences, walls and windows.

5. Having valuables on display

Hiding valuables away from sight is easy when they’re inside, but for yards that deal in metals, vehicle parts, electronic waste etc. it’s not always a viable option to store valuables indoors. However, just because valuable items have to be outside, it doesn’t mean that they have to be on display. Thieves are more likely to target sites that they know have easily accessible valuables, so installing fence panels, raising the height of low level walls and fencing and reducing lighting levels are simple and inexpensive ways of stopping potential burglars getting at look at what you’re storing.

If you think your business premises needs more security, you can use our security service finder tool to get quotes from reputable and trustworthy security service providers.