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It’s hard to think of an industry which doesn’t have large, international companies and small, localised competitors. Whether it’s a family run convenience store down the street from a large supermarket, or a Ford dealership opposite a guy selling cars out of his driveway.

You don’t need to look hard to notice the differences between large multinationals and small businesses. Whilst one has a whole accountancy department, the other does the books around the dinner table in the evening. One puts an advert in the local paper, whereas the other has television commercials screened all over the world. One buys stock by the million, the other by the dozen.

But which provides the best service, price, product or quality? Well, that’s an argument as old as industry itself.

The security industry has a handful of very large players, some of which are household names and inevitably come out on top in Google searches. But there are many more smaller companies out there offering high quality services. So instead of asking which is the best, what you should really be asking is: Which is right for me?

Find Security Services has compiled a list of key performance areas when looking to take on a service provider, and some of the potential benefits of small and large companies:



This is obviously an area which favours the large service providers. If your business is national, or indeed international, and working with a single security company is important to you, whether it be for your alarm systems, guarding, physical security or anything else, then a large security service provider will be better suited to your needs. Small and medium providers are more likely to concentrate on smaller areas, usually the city or county in which they’re based. Find Security Services lists providers who cover both locally and nationally, so you’ll always be able to find your ideal security partner.


The amount you can expect to pay for a security service from a small provider compared to that of a larger counterpart can often depend on the kind of service you require. For example, if your home or business is in a built up city area, then a smaller provider who operates solely in that area may provide mobile patrols cheaper than a larger company who covers a wider area, but if the same home or business wanted physical security, such as a security fence, security gate or fire doors, then a larger provider may be able to offer a lower price if they buy their materials in bulk. Getting multiple quotes using our service finder tool can help you find the best prices and save you money.


We’ve all had bad experiences when trying to contact large organisations. Listening to endless recorded messages, navigating menu after menu by pressing a series of numbers, being put through to the wrong person before getting put back on hold again. It can be frustrating. But most of us have had positive experiences with big organisations too, when we’ve called or emailed expecting the recorded messages and automated responses but instead had our issues resolved quickly with minimal fuss. Large security companies are like any other large organisation, they have multiple departments and a complex infrastructure, but many have dedicated contract and area managers who can be contacted at any time, and central control centres that are on hand 24/7. Small and medium providers often don’t have this infrastructure, but their processes and procedures can be more streamlined, and their service more personal.


When putting the security of your home or business into the hands of someone else, you need to know that person and the company they work for are honest and trustworthy. It may seem safer to opt for a large security company that has strong brand recognition, but the majority of the security industry is heavily regulated now, and even the smallest of companies has to be vetted and accredited by the industry regulator. It’s true that some sectors of the security industry are not as heavily regulated, but be assured that all the contractors listed by Find Security Services have been through our own rigorous vetting procedure, which includes mandatory accreditation by recognised accreditation and regulatory bodies where applicable.


Having security is about having peace of mind, and having an old alarm system that doesn’t set half of the time or a security guard who calls in sick every time his football team are at home won’t provide that. Fortunately, advances in technology and regulation have made the security industry far more reliable in recent years, and now even the most advanced security systems are available to both multinational and self employed installers, and government backed regulatory bodies such as the SIA have put an end to the unscrupulous practices employed by some security companies (large and small) decades ago. Find Security Services will not list companies that are unregulated or found to be providing a substandard or unreliable service.

So what will it be? Large or small? Local or international? Only you can decide what’s right for your home or business, and using our service finder tool is the best way to start. Simply input the services you require and where you are located. We’ll then contact the most suitable companies on your behalf, and some of the best security service providers in the country will be in touch.


Written for Find Security Services