The Best Ways To Protect a Vacant Property

In an ideal world landlords would have all of their properties occupied all of the time. Unfortunately, this can’t always be the case and when a property does become vacant, landlords are left with a lot to think about. How to get a new tenant as soon as possible is obviously top of the list, but the security of the premises should also be a high priority.

Thieves and vandals prey on vacant properties. They understand that valuables are often left behind, that pipes, wiring and furnishings are usually left in place and that the chances of them being disturbed are minimal.

Find Security Services has come up with a list of options for landlords to consider when wanting to protect a vacant property:

Security Guard:

This is the oldest and probably the best way of protecting large vacant properties. Having one or multiple guards patrolling and monitoring a premises is a big deterrent to thieves and trespassers.


Mobile Patrols:

Mobile patrols are an excellent way of protecting any property. Having someone check the premises externally and/or internally on a regular basis will highlight any changes or unusual activity and is more cost effective than having a full time guard.

Installing a Temporary Alarm System:

Unlike regular alarm systems, temporary alarm systems run on batteries and are quick to install and remove. Temporary alarm systems can still be monitored and are great for residential properties that may not have a system already installed.



Vacant business premises with large entry points intended for lorries and vans attract travellers. Criminals are also attracted to this type of premises because they can use a vehicle. Using bollards and other physical structures to block entry points is cost effective and a strong deterrent.


Shutters and Grills:

Covering windows and doors with shutters or grills will not make a premises look more attractive, but it will protect a building’s vulnerable access points.


Vacant Property Inspections:

Many security companies now offer vacant property inspections. Landlords can specify which areas need particular attention and receive regular reports.


Employing a Vacant Property Management Company:

If a landlord has multiple vacant properties and requires a variety of services, then employing a vacant property management company could be the best option. Vacant property management companies specialise in building security, but can also offer other property services.


Find Security Services covers all aspects of the security industry, and you can find all the services listed above by using our service finder tool.