5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Alarm Response Security

Being woken up in the middle of the night and told that there is an issue with your business alarm system is not a nice thing, especially if you have to go down to your office, factory, warehouse etc and deal with the issue yourself.


This is why alarm response is a very popular security service. How it works is very simple: If your alarm activates, goes into fault or looses signal to the monitoring station, a response officer will be dispatched to check your premises and resolve any security issues he/she may find.


There are many benefits to a service like this, so here are 5 reasons why your business needs alarm response.


1: Peace of mind

Security is all about peace of mind, knowing that your business, home, family, vehicle etc is being looked after when you’re not there is what the industry is built upon. Using an alarm response service means that you can go to bed knowing that whatever happens during the night, a trained security officer is going to be able to attend your premises to make sure that it remains secure in your absence.


2: Fixing faults

Modern alarm systems are usually very reliable, but occasionally faults and signal loss do happen. If they happens during the night, you can rely on an alarm response service to call out engineers and liaise with your monitoring station to ensure that all technical issues are resolved.


3: Repairing damage

Damage to doors, windows, alarm equipment and CCTV equipment are all very common when a premises has been broken into. Alarm response companies have lists of approved contractors and can swiftly arrange repairs for any damage.


4: Allowing access to the police

A “confirmed” alarm activation is when two or more motion detectors or door contacts have been triggered within a short period of time. This indicates movement within the premises. Confirmed activations are far less likely to be false alarms, and monitoring stations often inform the police so that they can respond quickly to catch intruders. Having an alarm response service means that you can have a keyholder on site to allow access to the police and other emergency services.


5: It’s cost-effective

The cost and pricing structure of alarm response services differs from one company to the next. However, most offer both all inclusive and pay per callout options. This means that you can have security for your premises throughout the night without the costs of employing a full time guard. Also, alarm response services can be less expensive than having monitored CCTV or mobile patrols.

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