Whether they’re on their own or with a trained handler, security dogs are a powerful deterrent. The thought of being stared down by a 7 stone alsatian is enough to make even the most hardened criminal think twice.


K9 security is becoming more popular in the UK, so we decided to take a look at how these impressive animals are trained, and it can be broken down into five steps.



In a high pressure situation, it’s crucial that any guard dog listens and follows its handler’s instructions. Obedience comes from extensive training with a handler, using tried and tested techniques to build trust and a bond between the dog and his trainer. The trainer must motivate and challenge their security dog, ensuring that when a real life confrontation arises, the dog can follow instructions and defuse the situation.



Much like humans, dogs are creatures of habit and routine. Having a defined and structured training schedule is essential when training a dog for security. This means have set rules and tasks that progress over time, allowing the dog to develop.



Despite many misconceptions, most guard dogs are like any other dog in terms of temperament and mentality away from training and working conditions. Making sure that a dog is happy and enjoying his training is key, both for his/her future work and homelife. Overcoming a challenge and having a purpose is something that dogs love, and it motivates them to achieve more in their training.



Hard work is it’s own reward they say. Well, that’s not true if you’re a guard dog in training. Rewards are a huge part of all dog training. Using food and toys to recognise that a trainee security dog has done well is key, and acts as a great driver of a dog’s desire to achieve more and more.



Although guard dogs have to look and sometimes act in an aggressive manner in their place of work, they also need to be trusted to behave like any other family pet away from work. This is why social training is hugely important for any trainee dog. It’s not a positive trait for a guard dog to be wary all the time, this could lead to problems further down the line. It must be remembered that control is the key, not aggression.

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