Simon Cowell spends £500k on home security after ‘terrifying’ raid

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Simon Cowell Home Security

Home Security

Simon Cowell has admitted that he has spent £500,000 on home security after his home was raided and £1m worth of jewellery was stolen.

The burglary happened at Cowell’s West London house in December 2015 and Darren February was sentenced to a further eight years in prison for the burglary as he was already serving eight and a half years for knocking down and killing a motorist just ten days after the burglary.

Simon said: “Now that this guy is in prison, there is an incredible sense of relief. The whole experience has been pretty traumatising and not something I ever want to go through again.

“I’ve obviously had to massively increase my personal security at home with every mod-con you can imagine, and all this stuff, including a panic room.

“My house basically looks like something out of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. We called in these guys and one of the things they suggested was a baseball bat. I’m not even joking. So I literally have a baseball bat ready to go if anyone comes in.”

He added: “What really got to me though was that this guy was walking about in my house

when Eric was fast asleep – it doesn’t bear thinking about what could have happened if he had gone into his bedroom, and found him. It is terrifying, and still gives me nightmares.”

Cowell increased his home security as he admitted he still has nightmares about the raid. He also stated that he fears for the safety of his son who was asleep in bed at the time.


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Security top of the agenda in French elections after latest terror attack

French elections

This Sunday sees the first round of voting in the French elections and they come at a time when France and the rest of Europe are becoming increasingly concerned about their national security and the threat of terrorism on their streets.

A Policeman was shot dead on Champs Elysses, Paris late on Thursday night prompting an expected swift and full-scale response from Paris’ authorities. Two other Police Officers were wounded in the attack.

champs elysses terror attack

These types of attack are becoming commonplace on the streets of Paris in particular but this one comes just days before a major Presidential election in which right wing candidate Marine Le Pen has been tipped as a possible winner.

Ms Le Pen has pledged to expel radical Islamists from France and restore strict border checks.

It has emerged that the attacker was known to French authorities and had been suspected of being a radical Islamic extremist.


“We must fight barbarism – none of the French governments for the past 10 years has done enough,” Ms Le Pen said.

She spoke of “incredible lapses in the justice system”.

An Elabe opinion poll, carried out before the shooting on the Champs Elysees, showed liberal centrist Emmanuel Macron with 24% in the first round, and Ms Le Pen falling back slightly to 21.5%.

Security has once again been thrust into the spotlight in the French elections and Thursday nights attack could well change the result of this weekend’s French elections drastically.

There is extra security on the streets of Paris tonight and probably for the next few days but the question has to be asked if French authorities were aware of the gunman’s radical ideas then how was he able to commit such a crime in Paris?

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The top job in Close Protection. Who is the man guarding the most powerful man on Earth?

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Donald Trump Security Guards

Working in Close Protection can make life very interesting indeed. You can get the opportunity to guard some of the most famous people on the planet but there is one job in the security industry at the moment that every Close Protection Operative dreams of. Who is the man that is guarding Donald Trump? 

The answer is a former NYPD Detective and Narcotics Officer. Keith Schiller has been heading up Trump’s security team for the last 16 years and has been called to action many times during his service but can expect to be on high alert more than ever after the New York property magnate and reality TV star landed the top job in global politics.

Trump’s new presidential role will have made him one of the most highly prized targets in the world for people who strongly disagree with his policies and sometimes radical views. Schiller is the man that puts his own safety on the line to keep the US president from harms way.

Former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wachrow said: “This is a very high risk, high stress environment that they are in. Their head has to be on a swivel at all times.”

Wachrow described Schiller and Trump’s relationship as being “built out of trust” and that the bodyguard has been “put in a very difficult position to protect a very exposed individual with a lot of risk”.

Schiller who is 57 years old and comes from The Bronx, one of New York’s toughest inner city areas, worked with the New York Police Department for over ten years and also served as an officer in the US Navy.

According to The New York Daily News, Schiller first hit headlines in 2007 when he restrained WWE head honcho Vince McMahon at a wrestling event after Mr Trump had slapped McMahon across the face.


Schiller was involved in a staged WWE bust up with Vince McMahon (image: Associated Press)

During Trump’s presidential campaign Schiller was called to action a number of times. He punched a protester in the face at a protest outside Trump Tower who allegedly grabbed him from behind. Schiller also had to physically eject a Univision news reporter from a press conference. 

Jorge Ramos who works for the Miami based news company was trying to ask Trump about his controversial immigration proposals. Trump told Ramos: ‘Sit down, you weren’t called. Go back to Univision”. Schiller then manhandled Ramos from the building.

It would seem that Donald Trump is in safe hands with Schiller by his side. 


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