French elections

This Sunday sees the first round of voting in the French elections and they come at a time when France and the rest of Europe are becoming increasingly concerned about their national security and the threat of terrorism on their streets.

A Policeman was shot dead on Champs Elysses, Paris late on Thursday night prompting an expected swift and full-scale response from Paris’ authorities. Two other Police Officers were wounded in the attack.

champs elysses terror attack

These types of attack are becoming commonplace on the streets of Paris in particular but this one comes just days before a major Presidential election in which right wing candidate Marine Le Pen has been tipped as a possible winner.

Ms Le Pen has pledged to expel radical Islamists from France and restore strict border checks.

It has emerged that the attacker was known to French authorities and had been suspected of being a radical Islamic extremist.


“We must fight barbarism – none of the French governments for the past 10 years has done enough,” Ms Le Pen said.

She spoke of “incredible lapses in the justice system”.

An Elabe opinion poll, carried out before the shooting on the Champs Elysees, showed liberal centrist Emmanuel Macron with 24% in the first round, and Ms Le Pen falling back slightly to 21.5%.

Security has once again been thrust into the spotlight in the French elections and Thursday nights attack could well change the result of this weekend’s French elections drastically.

There is extra security on the streets of Paris tonight and probably for the next few days but the question has to be asked if French authorities were aware of the gunman’s radical ideas then how was he able to commit such a crime in Paris?

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