Find Security Services can save you time and money when looking for a security service provider. Our contractors are vetted and approved by ourselves and industry accreditation bodies such as the SIA and NSI.

No. Our service is completely free to use.

We will provide your details to all of the security service providers that meet your criteria, but only three companies can purchase your contact details.

All of our contractors go through a vetting process to make sure they are trustworthy and genuine. This includes background checks with industry accreditation and regulatory bodies such as the SIA and NSI.

No. Our contractors can only supply you with a quote for the work you need. You are under no obligation to pay any of our security service providers for the quotes you receive.

Yes. We only send your contact details to security service providers who have paid for your contact information. We will not share your information with any individuals or businesses other than those service providers who have purchased them. Your details will be kept securely by Find Security Services, and all of our contractors are vetted by ourselves and and industry accreditation and regulatory bodies.

Yes. You can cancel or amend a job you have posted at any time.


Find Security Services is the industry leader in providing job leads for security companies in various sectors of the industry. Our website users request a service and we pass those details on to you. Find Security Services can help you increase your revenue and help build your reputation.

Nothing! Signing up to Find Security Services is completely free and there are no annual fees. You only pay when you want to purchase a job lead. You can start accessing our active job leads as soon as you become an approved member.

Yes. Once you sign up we will do our due diligence on your company using the information you have provided. This includes checking with the accreditation companies you are affiliated with. This process is very quick and few companies are turned down.

The price of job leads vary depending on the type of job, the length of the contract, the work involved in completing the job etc. The average cost of a job lead from Find Security Services is around £6.77.

We send out job details to all of the contractors that meet the job requirements in terms of the service required, the job location, the size of the job etc. A maximum of three contractors can purchase a job lead. After a lead has been purchased three times the lead will become expired and no other companies can purchase the lead details.

For us to categorise a job as not genuine, we need to be confident that the contact details provided are incorrect and/or that the job requirements stated by the site user were considerably different from the service they actually required. If a job lead you have purchased meets this criteria, you will be refunded in full for the lead you have purchased.

To receive a review for the service you have provided, you can send a request email from your dashboard. Once a review has been received from the customer it will appear on your company profile.

Yes. If you feel that a bad review you have received is unjustified, you can contact us and we will investigate the issue. However, this does not necessarily mean that the bad review will be removed from your profile.